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In this post we will refer signage as the outdoor sign or signboard. The signage that is used as the main sign of your business, store or shop.

How long will it be?

How wide it gonna be?

Where will I put it?

How High?

To answer this questions running in your mind, we will cover some basics that will support your answer.

Edge to Edge of Your Rented Space

We are in a generation flooded with advertisement.  Making your sign bigger will make your business more visible to your target customer.

If you are renting a commercial space,  extend your signage from edge to edge of your rented area. Usually placed on top of the roll-up if it has one. Or in front of the fascia board. Ask your advertising supplier to place mounting brackets so your signage will be locked in place.

Panaflex signages is more common in this situation.

Keep in mind, that if your space already ...

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If you want to run a successful physical store that attracts customers and drive sales. Or perhaps you open a branch or office here in Leyte or some other places as part of your growth strategy.  

You need to attract customers.

You need to bring clienteles at your doorstep to do business with you.

You need to get noticed.

Smart businessmen know this. It all starts with - your signage.

While making signages as part of your marketing and advertising strategy it entails cost.  Most businessmen is reluctant in shelling out money for this purpose. You maybe right, but smart successful business leverage signages to drive sales.  So read on.

Now Heres 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Signages

1. Draw Customers to your Doors

Your signages is your primary link between your customers and your business. It draws attention to your place of business. It is an easy and effective way to drive foot traffic ...

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Need a Signage Supplier in Leyte?

We are your reliable supplier of signages here in Leyte. Our track records of successful signage installations from companies big and small, both national and local will back this claim.

Just email us your signage requirement and we will make it for you. From design, to fabrication and finally to installation.

We can make a variety of signage types for your store or office.

  • Panaflex Signages
  • Stainless Build-Up Signages
  • Acrylic Build-Up Signages
  • Mass Signage for Stores

Please email us so we could start building your signages.