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Lets face it, panaflex signage is still the most effective signs for your store or office today. It is simple, durable, cool and most of all it has huge impact in terms of branding and marketing thus increasing your sales.

How Panaflex Signages are Made

Let me explain to you a little deeper about panalfex signages, its variants and how to get one for your business in your area.

Mounting Media

The main material is the panaflex , it's a kind of pvc material that is thick and durable and looks like a tarpaulin. But it is thicker. Let's say that a tarpaulin thickness is usually between 8-13 ounces, panalfex plays around 18-25 ounces. And when panaflex is exposed to sunlight as most signages do it will harden and become more like a plastic.It is sturdy and could withstand the harse condition when placed outdoors.

Light spreading feature of a panaflex make this type of material a must have  for  a good lighted signage.  It displays very well for pictures, logos and complicated graphics design for your signage. 

Graphics Design

Most of our clients specially in the multi-brand companies and marketing agencies usually have a pre-made design for their signages. That a careful implementation specially in the printing and fabrication process. We make sure that everything is within their standards.

Hoewever, if you have no pre-made design you can ask a graphic designer to build one for you. Or we can help you build a good design for your store.

A good design is key to a good signage.  Unlike any other content design, like a poster, social media post, tarpaulin for birthdays etc., a signage design is far different and it has a specific guideline you have to take into consideration.

Let me give you a few guideline.


Most signages have have very small store name cluttered with many obstructive graphic element.  A good signage design is to give emphasis on the name of the store and the main industry or service that the business provide. Because this will bring you money.

it should have a big, clear, with good contrast colors of words and captions.  That it can be seen 50-100 meters away in your windshield view.  A choice of 2-3 words that should be visible at a distance. Lest, you loose a sale when a prospect client could not see your sign properly and could just pass by your store.


Color is a brand identifier.  You should have 1 or a combination of 2-3 colors in your design according to your brand and marketing strategies.  Don't just splatter different colors making your design unclear and harder to read.


If you have a logo it should be placed in a distinct part of your sign.  If you have none, remember your business name is your logo. Example adidas, sanyo, carrier, and many more.

Dont freak out if you have none.

Bullets of Services

Dont let your client think of what you have to offer.  Put in the most sallable categories of your products and services in a bullet form.

This will paint a "category - to - business" picture in your clients mind. Through subconscious manipulation. That your business will be associated the particular product or industry.

Contact Info

Your sign should have a footer that includes your address, phone numbers, social media accounts.

Some of your customers will stop by and take a picture of contact info so they can contact your through your contact numbers and social media accounts.

if you are having trouble with this just call us and we will be glad to assist you.

Frame Fabrication

A panaflex signage is usually made with a  1x1 alngle bar fully welded with a certain amount of bracing at a specific measure in the signage. The height and width is given by the client based on the amount of space in his store.

The sides and back of the signage is covered with a galvanized iron sheet (gi sheet). it can be painted or not.  It depends on the customer and addtional painting will have an additional amount of the price. This siding and back of the signage will protect the lights inside from being soaked in the rain.

The corners of the panaflex signage is covered with an angler aluminum materials.  Making your sign more clean and elegant, covering some of the rivette mark while putting the mounting materials the panaflex.

Other variation of the grame is when it is covered with counter trim aluminums.  Simply using aluminum frames for backing.  Of course this will add cost to your sinages.



A panaflex signage can be lighted or non-lighted depending on your preference.

Non-lighted Panaflex Signage

When your store operation is for day time.  You may consider using a non-lighted signage because it is cheaper.  Off store signages often times are non lightred.

Lighted Panaflex Signage

Lighted panaflex signage, while it cost more, it is still the go through type.

Most of my clients prefer lighted panaflex. For the reason that you have an extended advertising effect even during night time.  Most advertising are off during the evening. Leaving your lighted sign to shine.

The main advantage is more advertising, more visibility and this will make your store a land mark of the area. And most lighting today are converting to led type which is 60% less electricity compared to before.

You can also put a timer so that this will automatically turn on and turn off at the specified time.  Let's say on at 6:00 PM and with lights off at 11:00PM.  It depends on how you set up the timer.

Sticker Letter Cut or Printed

Depending on the message you are about to project.

Printed Panaflex

If you have product photos, in your signage.  Printed signage is preferrable, however printed signage is less durable that that of the sticker couterpart.

To get around this, we usually put laminating film on top of the printed design so us to protect the prints from direct sun light and direct contact with dust and rain thus extending the sigange.

Sticker Panaflex

If you want a long lasting signage, it should be with a sticker. While sticker depends on the brand and the number of colors present in your sign.It price more than the printed counterpart.

Build Your Panaflex Signage With Us

Sometimes simple things is hard to do. Same is true with signages. If you want to skip the hassle of poorly built signage along with the waste of materials and money in the process. 

Consider us in making your next signage project.

We fabricate and deliver your signages in the different areas of Leyte, Southern Leyte, Samar, Ormoc, Naval Biliran, Tacloban and Samar.

We have already toured in this place and you can be sure that your requirements are fullfilled in due time and on budget.


Thank you and God Bless,

Jarry Olo

Vanex Advertising


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