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Stainless Signs Maker in Leyte, Samar, Biliran

Stainless signs is one of the most elegant signages you can have for your business or store.  It is usually used as building names, government agencies buildings, high profile businesses. 

Depending on your taste, stainless signages will stand out and will give a feel of elegance, dominance and classic effect on your buildings.

Most of our clients who ordered for stainless signages in the areas of Leyte, Samar and Biliran were used as building names and/or agency names.

photo of stainless sign for biliran registryh of deeds

Stainless Signages Types

Right now we offer variants for stainless signages for our Leyte clients. Depending on your liking I’m enumerating below types of stainless signs.  If you find it difficult to choose please don’t hesitate to call me in the number provided below and our contact page.

304 Mirrored Stainless Signs Non-Lighted

Most of our clients in Leyte and Samar liked this type of stainless signs.  It has a mirrored effect, so shiny and built for the harsh weather outdoors.  This type of signages is built for outdoor use but you can also use it indoors.

 The depth of the signages or its thickness depends on the size of the letter the font, the desired effect  or as prescribed by your architect or engineer.

Mounting of 304 Stainless Signages

This can be wall mounted.  Wall mounted stainless signages needs to be drilled into the walls and using a stainless rod or standoff bolt to give clearance from the wall.  Non lighted stainless signs usually has no gap from the wall.


Hair-Line Stainless Signs

This type of hair line finished stainless sign, has the same characteristic of the 304 mirrored signs with the difference that  a hairline texture is added to the sign for a more elegant effect.  Although it lessen its shiny effect yet it has a different subtle effect.

This can be mounted directly to walls or by using a backing board like acp (cladding) or plywood painted and finished.


Lighted Stainless Signs

Lighted stainless signs has the same characteristic as the hairline and the mirrored but a backlight is added.  This will add additional effects during the evening.  You can choose a color of your liking for the backlight. It depends on the impact you are going to produce.


Lighting can be directly fitted in the wall or by using a backing box to hide the wires. 

During evening your stainless sign will become black or like a shadow with a light emitting from the back.


Stainless Signs + Acrylic

This type of stainless sign usually has a siding of stainless and an acrylic face.  It is usually lighted.

If you want to color the letter to make it very visible during evening this is your choice of sign.  Contrary to the stainless sign with no acrylic face, during the evening it will just form a shadow.

It has also a very distinct lighted face and a fall off light surrounding it while maintaining the glow and shine of the stainless sign of the sides.


Pricing of the Stainless Signs

Stainless signs are priced per letter.  An additional rate is added if you put light or you want a hair-line finish of your sign. 

The installation and mobilization will also be added according to distance and the complexity of work, to cover per diems, food and boarding accommodation of the installers.

Please comment, email or call me if you need additional information and quotation.  I will be glad to help you to design your stainless sign and also to give you a competitive quotation for your signsa.


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