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Acrylic Build Up Signage Maker in Leyte Samar Tacloban Ormoc Tacloban

Looking for a supplier or contractor within the areas of Leyte, Samar, Tacloban, Ormoc, Southern Leyte for your next acrylic build up project.  You have just landed in the right place.

Vanex Advertising is one of the main suppliers of advertising products specialize in Outdoor Advertising fabrication in Leyte Samar area.

With a track record in making acrylic signage for more than 10 years and working with the most demanding, time cracking project of companies big and small.

In this post let me walk you through Acrylic or Plastic signage so you will have an informed decision should you wish to choose this kind of signage.

Acrylic Build Up Signage

This type of signage is very colorful and have very subtle impact in your place. You will commonly see this type of signage in malls, restaurants, banks hotels and more.

Acrylic signage typically is channeled or has 3d look form. You can play with a combination of colors from the sidings to the face of the letters. Morever, you will have an option to be lighted or not.

As a short note on lighted acrylic build-up signage.

Because a lighted acrylic is more expensive than the non-lighted counterpart.  Perhaps in my own opinion it is wise to have lighted option because:

picture of signage

Improve Visual Appearance

Lighted signage is very attractive when lighted and you have to play the sidings and font color combination as well as the color of the light.  Usually a white color module led light is used for this type of signage.  However, you can use other light color depending on your creativity and impact you wish to project.

Extended Advertising Impact

                Lighted signage by far has more extended period of advertising because it can be seen at night. While other signage will be taken when the light went off at night.  Acrylic Signage will improve aesthetics in your place during evening Imagine by passers always in contact with your signage.  These will create a subconscious manipulation to your target customers.  As most advertisers do us to leverage in their advertising.

Making your Store a Land Mark

                Having a consistent lighted signage will make your place a land mark.  When people use to go to a particular place near your store.  They will always make your store a marker in that particular area.  If that is a high traffic area  imagine the impact on your potential customer.

You get notice, you are advertise and thus increasing awareness and growing your bottom line.


How To Order Acrylic Build-up Signage

First you need a design.  If you are a company your marketing already have a technical description and a blueprint of your design.  That includes the color and depth and the necessary spacing for your sign.

However, if you have no design. There is no problem, we will guide you in creating a suitable design for your signage. We have graphics designer that will help you build your signage.


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