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Perhaps one of the best, low cost, large format advertising for your indoor store or office is the sticker on sintra ads.  


Typical usage of Sticker on Sintra ads

Wall Signage

Walls is a great spot in your store to put ads.  But sometimes your walls even though it it has cement finishing can often times not even. That when you directly put sticker on the wall may result in not even, not good to look at because of the uneven surface.

Sticker on sintra on the other hand remove this obstacle.  The sintra board will hide the unevenness of the wall.

If you have a bigger wall like in hardware depots, kitchen showrooms, bathroom amenities display.  Sticker on sintra ads can make those boring walls alive.  While making the walls beautiful, the most important is you continue to sell and convert using those ads.

Outdoor Sign

Along hallways, and alleys is a great spot for your sticker on sintra signs

Converting your boring alleys and hallways, with your specials and features using sticker on sintra is a great investment to do.  Because sticker on sintra when done well can provide you with low cost advertising in certain period of time.

Hanging Ads

Got promos?  Well, sticker on sintra ads again is a perfect solution for hanging ads in your entire store. Either indoor or outdoors. Used in super markets, groceries store, and any store you can think of.  

Unlike tarpaulin ads which usually crumbles and fold, sticker on sintra will remain steady in its form.

Display Head Boards

If you got racks of products to display, sintra boards will provide you with a beautiful header and corner ads that will increase the look of your display while increasing the impulse sale of your product.

For small stores like sari-sari store, it can be used with shelves or racks displaying your product and will give you an advantage on displaying your products on different stores.

Door Entrance Sign

If you want to greet your customers with your specials and promos.  You can us sticker on sintra signs to do the job.  It can be life-size photo of your model endorsing your product or simply a product or promo.

You can make it a standee or use some stand like A-Stand to hold your sticker on sintra sign.

Navigational Signs

If your store has many sections, this is a must have for you.  While you can use many types of signs, sticker on sintra signs is one the cost effective yet beautiful marketing tool in your arsenal.  

In reality your  customer will appreciate your store, when you have a clear directional signs, bringing your customers to the specific sections of your store or places.

Because it can be indoor or ourdoor, you can us sticker on sintra signs to label the rooms, areas and sections of your store.

Price Tags

If you are running a feeds store, rice store etc.  Putting price tags with your brand is one of the effective use of sticker on sintra.  Making your brand pop out among the many brands in the display.

How We Make Sticker On Sintra Ads

There  are a number of ways sticker on sintra is done, but let me share with you how we do it at Vanex advertising.

Design Consideration

While most companies and businesses we work with has already a pre-made design and templates, our job is to resize it carefully taking care of the aspect ratio so the image will not be distorted.

If you have no design, we can create one for your.  We create a sign not only on the aesthetic sides but also the copy and the write words to impel customers to notice and buy.

Printing and Lamination

Depending on the image and the detail requirement, we prefer to print the image in a soleent printer for more color punch and fading durability. To add more protection of the ad we put a laminating film on top of the design. This will protect your image from scratching due to constant wiping during cleaning.

Installation of Sticker On sintra

Depends on the size and the situation.  We can use double adhesive tapes usually the 3m brand.  If it is big we use rubber cement "rugby" to secure the sticker on sintra on the wall.

When hang we can use nylon or other alternative string.  If on glass dore we can use clip haners or vacuum hook holder.   Or we can use A stand when use as a door entrance sign.

Let Us Help You With Your Sticker On Sintra Projects

We can cover your sticker on sintra needs as of the moment on the following areas.

  1. Leyte Towns and Barangays
  2. Southern Leyte Towns and Barangays
  3. Tacloban
  4. Ormoc
  5. Biliran Provinces
  6. Work outside Leyte Samar Areas per Agreement

For your inquirty just call me and we can do your sticker on sintra project on time.

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