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Supplier of Kalahi Brass Marker in Leyte | Samar | Tacloban | Ormoc

With so many projects for Kalahi CIDSS each project has to culminate with a brass marker for the finished project.

You can contact us if you want your Kalahi brass marker built for you. We already have made several brass maker and we can assure you that the quality is within the standard of the Kalahi CIDSS standard.

So lets talk about the brass marker as required by the Kalahi CIDSS.

Kalahi Brass Marker

Although the marker required by the Kalahi -CIDSS is an option for acrylic, stainless and brass. We prefer to use brass maker because it is very elegant and it will last long.

This gold shimmering marker with a dimension of 18x24 inches which has the following information needed in order to make the brass marker for you.

  1. Name of Project
  2. Location
  3. Date Started
  4. Date Completed
  5. Sub Project Cost (number)
  6. DSWD-KALAHI CIDSS Grant (number)
  7. MLGU Counterpart
  8. BLGU Counterpart
  9. Name of Barangay
  10. Logo of Barangay
  11. Name of Municipality
  12. Municipality

How to Order Kalahi Brass Marker

Kalahi Canvassers and officers

If you are a canvasser or part of the Kalahi project team.  We will need a purchase order after you have finished your RFQ (Request For Quotation ) or canvass completed. 

After you serve your purchase order and all the needed information listed above is complete. It will take 7-15 days to complete. And we will update you of the status once you have placed your Kalahi brass maker with us.


If you are a contractor and needing brass maker to complete your project like most of our contractor clients.  We will also need the information listed above and a down payment of 50% upon placing your order to secure the deal.


We provide volume discounts for contractor.


Order Now

If you have concerns or questions regarding Kalahi Brass marker feel free to contact us and we will assist you in creating your brass marker fast, easy and hassle free.


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